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A stunning addition to any coffee or tea lover's collection. These handmade mugs are of the highest quality and will add a touch of subtle elegence to your kitchen.  


Gohobi are an Asian and LGBTQIA+ owned brand that celebrates diversity, the local community, and promotes wellness through their products, workshops and tea ceremonies. 


We love their brand philosopy, which is very close to our own here at Alma!


Reflections from Gohobi's brand philosophy:

Buy Less, Buy Better Durability We want to provide better quality products that can be used for a long time.


We want to promote wellbeing through our art and culture workshops.


We want to celebrate diversity and create a space for people from different social or economic backgrounds. We try our best to find the balance between quality and price to ensure it is available to everyone.


We source our product directly so the customer knows where the product comes from and is made.

Gohobi - Handmade Japanese Vintage Style Mug



Meets certified organic standards on the use of growth hormones, GMOs, antibiotics or synthetic ingredients.


Packaging doesn’t contain plastics, including bioplastics.


Packaging is made from over 50% recycled content.


Made from over 50% reused by-products and waste.

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