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A very happy bottle opener made from powder coated 2,5 mm steel by We Are Out Of Office based in The Netherlands. 


Dimensions are roughly 3,8 cm x 13,8 cm


PLEASE NOTE* The color will wear off the area where you open the bottle following some use AND all openers have a little uncoated spot, this is where the openers hangs during the coating process. On some of the openers this will be more visible than others, see photos.

We Are Out Of Office - Cheersie Bottle Opener


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Winneke de Groot and Felix van Dam are two artists working together under the name: ‘We are out of office’. They’re very DIY in their approach to art, skilled as screen printers, painters and illustrators. They run a small studio including a screen print and risograph workshop based in a cherry orchard just outside Utrecht. Their work is inspired by little rarities and memories they pick up in daily life. They use a wide range of media covering print, paiting, sculpture, textile and more. Their style is recognisable and has a bold and colourful aesthetic and reflects their graphic background.

Why we love them:


Not on Amazon


Women owned

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